Marketing and
customer loyalty program

Motivate customers to come often and spend more.

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Increase your revenue

Affect customer behavior with individual offers

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Retain your customers

Customers will not go away to competitors. Not now, since they are accumulating bonuses and discounts at yours.

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Affect frequency of visits

Customers will allow themselves to come more often if you offer them a discount or bonus.

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Increase average check

Customers are more likely to order additional services if they spend less on their main visit.

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Cumulative discounts

Set up a loyalty program that works for you

Несколько правил расчета Altegio

Several calculation rules

Set the rules by the number of visits or the amount spent. The program will automatically set the correct discount.

Автоматические оповещения Altegio

Automatic alerts

Notify customers of personal offers and their status in the loyalty program automatically and manually.

Гибкие пороги скидок Altegio

Flexible discount thresholds

Set custom steps to change discounts, test and compare different settings impact.

Лимиты по времени Altegio

Time limits

Limit your discounts to motivate customers to return more often.

Bonus program

Motivate your customers effectively

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  • Stand out from competitors
  • Stimulate customers to come more often
  • Return customers who have not visited you for a long time
  • Revive the customer base from the first day of implementing the program
  • Any changes in cash registers are not required
  • More profitable than a discount program

Referral program

Reward customers for recommendations

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Discounts and bonuses for the invitee

Customers are more willing to offer your services to their friends if they receive a bonus for the customers they attract.

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Discounts and bonuses for the invited person

Those who receive a recommendation are more likely to use your services if you offer them a discount at their first visit


Flexible customization for business needs

  • Support any value
  • May be limited and applied only to goods or only to services
  • Allows you to set a single or multiple charges
  • Valid throughout the network or at selected branches
  • Automatically accounted in the finance and statistics reports

Service subscriptions or memberships

Valid across the network

Subscription can be limited by the branches selected in the settings.

A subscription can act both on specific services and on a whole category of services

Payment of services by subscription is fixed, as well as other payments by loyalty cards (bonuses and certificates)

Subscription may be limited in time

Set your own rules

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Accrue discounts and bonuses according to various criteria

For goods sold

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For paid services

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By the number of visits



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Get to know who came to you

It is impossible to know all customers by sight. Identify the most important customers with the software and offer them exclusive bonuses.

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Structure your customer list

Analyze how much profit different groups of customers bring to you and turn your focus on their retention.

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Respond to decline in customers' loyalty

Return customers lost in the past. The software will help to isolate them from the entire customer base and take action in a timely manner.

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Use an individual approach

Segment customers who are sensitive to SMS-mailing and do not annoy them.

Know everything about your customers

And improve your customer experience with automated loyalty programs

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Works across the network

Discounts and bonuses are accumulated when a customer visits any branches where this loyalty program is valid

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