Inventory management

Monitor consumables and items in stock with inventory management tool as part of ERP system. Reduce the number of shortfalls. Save your time on reports and analytics.

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Efficient team

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General manager

  • will reveal demanded and unclaimed goods
  • will reduce material consumption by more than 10%
  • will prevent theft of goods and materials
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Administrative personnel

  • will eliminate accounting errors for goods and supplies
  • will reduce time for goods accounting and inventory control
  • will identify critical balances and make a purchase on time
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  • will control mutual settlements with suppliers
  • will calculate motivational percentage of sales easily
  • will take into account the cost of materials when calculating salaries

The most important inventory reports

In one click, in real time, from anywhere you are now

Анализ динамики продаж Altegio

Sales Dynamics Analysis

See how many and which goods are sold over the period per each employee.

Быстрая работа с товарами Altegio

Quick goods management

Manage product parameters on one page.

Остатки на складе Altegio

Stock balances

Track which goods need to be purchased. See the cost of the remaining ones.

Движение товаров Altegio

Goods relocation

All sales and goods transfers between inventories in one table.

How to start with inventory control

Start to control your business efficiently without special efforts

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Build a system

Create inventories according to your business structure.

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Add items

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Add suppliers and contractors

Track the goods transfers

Sell goods alongside with services

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Move goods between inventories

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Keep count of supplies when providding services

View reports

Know real-time stock balances

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Analyze sales statistics and demand composition

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Track the movements of goods

Optimize Material Consumption

Set up the inventory management tool according to your business needs

Technological maps

Configure how many supplies are required for each service.

Automatic write-offs

Write off consumables when confirming the service booking automatically.

Consumables waste reduction

Inform employees about the inventory system for consumables. Make them use all the materials as expected without overspending in accordance with the technological map.

Set critical minimums

Monitor your warehouse and stocks online at any time so you don’t miss a purchase.

Barcode Scanner Support

Speed up your sales of goods by 10 times

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Write-off history

At any time, know how consumables were used, how many are left and for how long.

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Turnover Accounting

Buy only what is already ending at the warehouse when it is necessary taking into account turnover.

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Import to Excel

Automate routine operations using familiar tools and build any reports yourself.

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Cost Accounting

Consider the cost of consumables in total revenue and when calculating salaries.

Convenient inventory accounting tools

Automated reports and no routine

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