Client database

Your client database at hand. Keep track of all clients' data like appointment history, no shows and membership status.
Know your customers.

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Collect all of your clients' data effortlessly

Save your time - no routine work

Simply schedule your clients in the appointment calendar - the client database updates automatically. History of each client's visits is stored. Find your customers in a few clicks.

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All of the data in one place

Know every customer

Client's personal profile
Full visit history
Preference analytics

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Unified client database for branch networks

No more confusion

If you have a franchise business, it is quite likely that, the problem of customer profiles duplicating in databases of different branches is very relevant to you. This problem makes any communication, for instance emailing, difficult, and customer profiles incomplete. Altegio solves this problem completely.

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Divide your customers into flexible segments

Find customers in the database by more than 20+ criteria.

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Customer filtering

Use this feature to build effective marketing communication with your clients and make them loyal.
Find customers who:

  • Stopped using your services
  • Became your customers during a certian period
  • Visited certain employees
  • Used certain services
  • Brought the biggest profit
  • Going to visit you soon
  • Used your services more often than others
  • Booked services online
  • Returned after a long absence
  • Having a birthday soon
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Automatic segmentation

Customers who stop visiting you can automatically fall into the "lost" category, and those who spend the most - into the "Important" category. You can configure yourself all categories and rules.

Group your clients easily and email them

Set the criteria for grouping your customers

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Upload data in one click

Most importantly, only you decide who has the right to do so.

Customer group mailing

Do you want to notify customers that their specialist will be on vacation the next 2 weeks? Now it can be done in a few clicks. Simply filter customers by any criteria and send them SMS or email.

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