Payroll calculation

Let the software manage payroll.

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Automate Routine Tasks

Once and for all

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Accurate calculation
no errors

The program eliminates human errors and prevents the re-issuance of salaries for one period

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15 minutes instead of
a few days

It takes only 15 minutes to calculate the salary of a small company (15 employees)

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Payroll History
In one place

The system stores a history of mutual settlements for any period - there will be no disagreement with employees

Set your calculation rules

Use dozens of settings and ready-made plans

Схема расчета Altegio

Use many parameters in the calculation plan

Encourage employees to sell, participate in promotions, implement the sales plan.

Подробная расчетная ведомость Altegio

Detailed payroll

Know how much money and for what you need to pay an employee.

Взаиморасчет с сотрудниками Altegio

Mutual settlement with employees

Control when and how much money was issued to the employee.

Связь с финансовым модулем Altegio

Connected with the financial accounting module

Analyze payroll by department and profitability of each service.

Motivate employees
to earn more

Absolutely flexible setup

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Manage Seasonal Promotions

Consider seasonal discount offers for goods and services in the salary of each employee

Take margins into account

Accrue different % of sales of different goods and services categories

Consider consumables

Consider the cost of consumables when calculating salaries

Make plans

Change % of employees depending on the implementation of the plan for turnover or profit

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